18 août 2006

Fish! I like it raw! (3)

Last week, I was almost finished with the 3rd opus of my raw fish special... I was talking about raw fish of course, but I also allowed myself in alyric prose about my addiction to the covered market "Les Halles" in my home town and all its marvels. I was about to press the "post and publish" key when I saw a typo. And then, everything just disappeared: I pressed backspace  instead of delete and my post was gone... pfffuit! Impossible to get my post back. I was so upset that I didn't find the courage to post again until now. I don't feel the mind of a poet today, so you'll have to wait for another time to hear abouty my love for "Les Halles". However, we never know, there might still be a few hot summer nights to come (maybe not in Holland this year but we never know), and this last recipe might tempt you.

I improvised this 3rd recipe during a trip in my hometown Nimes in the hottest month of the summer 2005... It makes a fresh apetizer or starter for the hot summer nights in betwen two games of petanque. Take a glass of pastis or a chilled rose and enjoy!


Cod fish and fennel carppacio

4 to 8 pers. prep: 10 min

600g fresh cod fish filet
1 small fennel bulb

1/2  lemon

1 lime
4 Tsp. olive oil (fruity but not too strong)
2 Tsp. of pastis

a small handfull of dill
sea salt, pepper

Wash your cod fish and put it in the freezer for at least half an hour. Wash and slice the fennel: get rid of the damaged first leaves cut in two and remove the hard part of the hart with a small knife. slice very thinly (a few mm) with a mandoline. Slice the lime in very thin slices too (with a mandoline). Finally cut the fish in thin slices with a sharp knife (1/2 cm or thiner if you like). In a deep and large serving dish, lay down the fish, if possible in one layer and put the fennel and llime over it. Add the dill and Season with sea salt (preferably "fleur de sel") and fresh grounded peper. Prepare your marinade: mix the juice of half of a lemon with the olive oil and pastis. Pour over the fish, and forget it in the fridge while you enjoy the summer sun or the shade of an old tree, a glass of pastis, a siesta... Serve as an apetizer or starter. 

Bon appetit!

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