30 novembre 2007

Facelift for my kitchen diaries

Since I have been back online in september 2007, new ideas for my kitchen diaries have been rushing through my mind. It was great to comeback to blogging, but I wanted more. Actually, I wanted to offer you more...

First, I  wanted to improve my recipe writing (actively working on it thanks to the The recipe's writer's handbook from Barbara Gibbs Ostmann right aside my keyboard ), and my photos too, definitely... (more tricky with my limited skills at the job and the even more limited amount of light around lately, but working on it too). Finally, I wanted to be able to play around with all the new blog gadgets to make your blogging time on my kitchen diaries more enjoyable.

Problem: I am far from advanced at blogging and I have little time left with my dayjob. I started with creating a testblog on my current platform canalblog, went on advanced mode and after many sleepness nights in front of the computer, I had to give up. I just couldn't get it the way I wanted it. Canalblog has been a great companion during the last couple of years and I'll always be thankful to them for making my first blogging experience so much fun, but... it is a platform designed for french bloggers with french templates and add-ons that you I cannot easily get around... especially when you're as handicaped as me when it comes to programming and want your blog in english.

So after a lot of browsing around I decided to move to wordpress. After two months of hard work behind the scenes, reorganising my kitchendiaries, working on a couple of new features and mostly transferring every post one by one (there's no export function on canalblog :-( ).

On the new my kitchen diaries, you will find all my new recipes from now on, but also dedicated pages for the recipe index and the french-english-dutch lexicon as well as a brand new page for food shopping tips in holland. Aside from the recipe index you can also browse through the tag clouds to get directly to related posts with an ingredient that inspires you. My biggest regret until now is that I haven't figure out a way yet to transfer your comments, my favourite part of my blog. I'll be working on it.

So until I ever become an advanced blogger with my own domain and my own themes, you will find me and my kitchen diaries at the following adress:


Have a look! With all my heart, I hope you'll like it!



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