19 novembre 2007

The wind of change

Don't you ever have that feeling that life is just going too fast for you at times?

Be so lucky if you don't... I am that dreamy, somewhat lazy type of girl who likes to take life slowly, very slowly. I might seem adventurous at first sight, but god knows I'm not. Lately, a wind of change is blowing over my head. I needed it, I wanted it, and now it's there. It's all good things, but still, it's all going soooo fast and I am having a little trouble to cope with everything.

Among those changes, I am working on a completely new layout for my kitchen diaries. I want it to be a surprise so I won't tell much about it. I promise, you should all found out about it sometimes in the next couple weeks.

In the mean time, here's something to keep you waiting....
One of these evenings, I came home from work once again exhausted, dreaming of a soup, my bed and a feel good movie. Yet, I had invited a few friends for dinner. I had bought several seasonal treats during the week: rabbit, wild mushrooms.... but I didn't have one minute to think of what I could cook out of it.  Too tired to be fussy, my mind was quickly made. A glass of white wine in my hand, and the cocotte on the stove, I got started. A little more than an hour later, dinner was ready... It turned out as one my favourite impro of this autumn
! a great comfy but still impressive dish that required very little prep and effort but did marvels on that cold and dark night. It would go great with a celeriac gratin or puree. I went for what I had around: red cabbage with apples. A good match too.

rabbit and mushrooms
comfy food for cold automn evenings

Rabbit with wild mushrooms
Lapin aux champignons sauvages

serves 4 pers.
prep: 10 min. cook: 1 hr

1.2 kg rabbit, cut in parts,
4 shallots, chopped,
1 garlic clove, peeled and germ removed
25 g butter,
2 Tsp olive oil,
1 "bouquet garni" (laurel, parsley, thyme)
30 cl dry white wine,
10 cl water,
3 Tsp mustard,
750 g wild mushrooms brushed, whole or halved,

sea salt and pepper to taste,

In a cocotte on high heat, brown the rabbit parts on all sides in the butter and olive oil. Add the chopped shallots, the garlic clove and the bouquet garni. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper. Pour the white whine and water and bring to a boil. Then lower the heat, cover and leave to simmer on low heat for 40 min, stirring once in while. Mix in the mustard, leave to simmer 5 min uncovered and finally add the mushrooms, toss to coat the mushrooms with the sauce and leave to simmer covered for 10 more minutes.

Bon appétit!

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