09 septembre 2007

Automn is at the door

I don't know where summer got lost this year, but it definitely forgot to come and say hello to the Netherlands. On the other hand, autumn is already at the door. Strangely, days seem to be getting sunnier here, but they are definitely getting shorter and cooler. I love the fruit in this period in between seasons: the sweet and tasty figs (though the one in my garden are still hard as rocks and unripe green), the plums (pruims), the grapes... I particularly like the dutch plums, "Hollandse pruimen", their half... [Lire la suite]
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29 avril 2006

I love squids... but would you clean them for me?

Last saturday, 2. p.m, at the crowded local market: I am standing exhausted among the fish stalls, my shoulders hurt from all the bags I'm carrying. I have everything I need for a whole week of fresh season vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, the asperges have not appeared on the stalls yet... but I got fragrant deep red strawberries and a juicy mango instead. The fish looked amazing that day: after a lot of hesitation, I decided for a beutifully fresh sea bar, some mackerels. There is also that fish: "Wijting"... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2006


I admit it: I am a food obsessed frenchy! If you get me started on food, I can go on for hours. When I visit a country I am always looking forward to taste the local delicacies. And food shopping is always a must. However, since I first set foot in the Netherlands, I have never stopped complaining about the food (for my defence: dutch food is a common source of complaint for most of the foreigners, tourists, expats or immigrants in this country).... and I think I always will (at least a little).  I remember, during my first... [Lire la suite]
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