18 octobre 2007

Recipe index

Lately, a wind of change blows on my kitchen diaries. I am far from an advanced programmer and have come to realise that some features will remain out of my reach for long. Yet, little by little, I wish to make my kitchen a cosy, homy and handy place for every one, like the kitchen of my childhood where everyone would always come back too.

A recipe index, was definitely missing to this blog, especially with my bad habits of giving pretty strange post titles. I hope it will help you roam around my kitchen more easily!

If not mentioned otherwise, recipes are in english. Have a look at the lexicon for french, english and dutch equivalents of the main ingredients and techniques.



Breakfast and brunch


Crêpes mille trous

Apetizers and Starters


Asparagus and vanilla mousse with it's strawberry argan oil dressing (EN)
Mousse d'asperges a la vanille et son coulis de fraises a l'huile d'argan (FR)

Cod fish and fennel carppacio
Carpaccio de cabillaud et fenouil

Crispy tartlet with sardines and candied tomatoes (FR)
Tartelettes croustillantes aux sardines et tomates confites

Fresh cod fish in passion fruit marinade
Cabillaud marine aux fruits de la passion

Melon and prosciutto skewers
Petites brochettes melon/jambon

Mini minut made Gazpacho
Mini Gazpacho minute

Pumpkin cappuccino
Cappuccino de citrouille

Salmon terrine with fresh herb from the garden
Terrine de saumon aux herbes du jardin

Tender Green salad
Salade vert tendre

Tuna and salmon duo in ginger and wasabi marinade
Duo de saumon marines au gingembre et au wasabi

Fish and seafood


Bacalhau Bastella (Cod fish pastilla)
Pastilla a la morue

Improvised sauteed squid
Calamars sautes

Morrocan style mackerel "papillote"
Papillote de maquereau a la marocaine

Tuna and salmon duo in ginger and wasabi marinade
Duo de saumon marines au gingembre et au wasabi

Meat and poultry


Canneloni with fresh tomato sauce
Canneloni a la tomate fraiche

Guinea fowls marinated with calvados and mustard
Supremes de pintade marines a la moutarde et au calvados

Prune and veal tajine
Tajine de veau aux pruneaux

Veal tenderloin with grapes chutney
Filet mignon de veau et son chutney aux raisins



Spring zucchini and asparagus risotto
Risotto printagnier aux sourgettes blanches et pointes d'asperges

Zucchini tagliatelles
Tagliatelles de courgettes

Sauces and chutneys


Grapes and red oignon chutney
Chutney aux raisins et oignons rouges



A strawberry tart for valentine
Une tarte aux fraises pour valentine

Dutch plum tart
Tartes aux prunes hollandaise/ Hollandse pruimen taart

Chestnut and chocolate bites
Bouchees au marron et au chocolat

Lemon squares
carres au citron

Pear and almond bites
Bouchees amandines aux poires

Tart with "Fromage blanc"
Tarte au fromage blanc



Melon, raspberry and vodka cocktail
Cocktail melon, framboises, vodka

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