18 octobre 2007

Food lexicon

[Nota: Finally, a new revised version, clearer, neater... Dairy and liquids are still missing but will be added soon. Hope you'll like it]

When I started this blog, I chose for the english language. My mothertongue is french but not many of my dutch and international friends are able to understand it. And when it comes to dutch, I have now acquired a certain command of the spoken word in dutch but my writing skills are far worse than my english writing skills and I guess that would have discouraged many readers...

I now realise that writing in english about food is not as easy as I first thought. I have been a regular reader of english food blogs for several months without any particular understanding problems... but when it comes to talk and write about food: words come to me in french... or in dutch. The first words I learned in dutch (except from the traditional: hello, how are you, good, may I have a beer/coffee, thank you, goodbye ) where about food. I spent so many hours in my local supermarket reading stickers and figuring out what was what. At the restaurant, it took me less than a few weeks to master dutch written menus.

Nevermind! My dutch/english and french/english dictionnaries have now found a convenient place next to my keyboard, and they don't have time to get dusty anymore.

This post will be an occasion for me to keep an eye on the various translations of ingredients and cooking techniques in from french and dutch to english. And who knows: you might find it useful yourself.

Here it comes:


Vegetables Legumes Groenten

Artichoke Artichaut Artisjok
Asparagus Asperge Asperge
Bell pepper Poivron Paprika
Fennel Fenouil Venkel
Jerusalem artichokes Topinambours Aardperen
Spinach Epinards Spinazie
Tomato Tomate Tomaat
Zucchini/Courgette Courgette Courgette


Fish & seafood Poisson & Fruits de mer Vis & Schelpdieren

Clams Palourdes Tapijtschelp
Cod fish Cabillaud Kabeljauw
(salted) cod fish Morue (gezouten) kabeljauw
Herring Hareng Haring
Oysters Huitres Oesters
Salmon Saumon Zalm
Squid Calmar/calamar Inktvis/Calamaris
Tuna Thon Tonijn
Winkles Bigorneaux Alikruk



Meat & Poultry Viandes & Volailles Vlees & gevogelte

Beef Boeuf Rund
Chicken Poulet Kip
Guinea fowl Pintade Parelhoen
Lamb Agneau Lam
Pork Porc Varken
Veal Veau Kalf
Chicken filet/breast Blanc de poulet Kipfilet
Fillet/Tenderloin Filet Haas
Shoulder Epaule Schouder


Fruits and nuts Fruits et noix Vruchten en noten

Almond Amande Amandel
Apple Pomme Appel
Chestnut Marron/chataigne Kastanje
Fig Figue Vijg
Grapes Raisins Druiven
Hazelnut Noisette Hazelnoot
Lemon Citron Citroen
Lime Citron vert Limoen
Melon Melon Meloen
Pear Poire Peer
Plum Prune Pruim
Prune Pruneau Pruim
Raspberry Framboise Framboos
Strawberry Fraise Aardbei
Walnut Noix Walnoot


Herbs & spices Herbes & epices Kruiden & spijs

Aniseed Anis Anijs
Basil Basilic Basilicum
Chili pepper Piment Chili
Chives Ciboulette Bieslook
Cinnamon Cannelle Kaneel
Coriander/cilantro Coriandre Koriander
Cum(m)in Cumin komijn
Dill Aneth Dille
Ginger Gingembre Gember
Laurel Laurier Laurier
Parsley Persil Petersilie
Pepper Poivre Pepper
Sage Sauge Salie
Vanilla pod gousse de Vanille Vanille dop


Bread and pastry Pain et patisserie Brood en Gebak

Buckwheat Sarrazin Boekweit
Dough Pate Deeg
Filo pastry Feuilles de filo/brick Filo deeg
Flaky pastry Pate feuilletee Bladerdeeg
Honeycake Pain d'epices Ontbijtkoek
Tart Tarte Taart


Specific cooking vocabulary Vocabulaire culinaire Specifique Specifiek

bake cuire au four baken
bake blind cuire a blanc -
blanch blanchir blancheren
blend mixer (au mixeur) -
chop emincer -
Food processor Mixeur Keuken machine
Handful Poignee -
mince hacher -
mix/stir/toss melanger mengen/roeren
Mould moule -
Pinch Pincee Snuifje
Sear/brown saisir -
Seeds Pepins Pit
Sprig Brin/branche -

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