09 septembre 2007

Mea Culpa from a lazy gourmande

Dear readers (if there are still any), Mea Culpa! I am indeed a lazy gourmande.

Just a little bit more than one year ago, I abandonned my blog without notice... There was not much time to cook this year, nor to blog. I miss it. I regret also leaving without notice.  I could say that I had warned my public since the beginning of my terrible lazyness. Although, it was not only about lazyness this year. It was a very busy year, a very good year too: I almost stopped cooking, and definitely stopped blogging, got on the verge of overwork but on the other hand I got engaged... and married (with my dutchie of course!). It was a wonderful day, a wonderful year.

Times are note really getting quieter lately, but I would like to try my comeback.
I miss this blog and my cooking experiments. I've got plenty of new tasty ideas and my kitchen is warming up again. I hope I'll find some time to share it with you. I'd like that!

Your lazy gourmande.


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