01 mai 2006

Help! I burned my "cocotte" Staub

I am definitely new to food blogging! Since I started this blog a few weeks ago, my kitchen is undergoing a revolution.... and I am loosing control! Apart from the everlasting mess due to my numerous tryouts in my small dutch kitchen, and the eating cold due to the food photo sessions (ask my dutchie about that!), the worst has now happened...

Last week, I was enjoying the newly discovered joys of blogging while my stew was simmering quietly in the kitchen. Life was great! But then, I forgot about the time, and the stew... My dearest cooking friend, my beloved and beautiful cocotte burned! (and the stew with it). Here is a picture of the victim (sensitive minds: look away):


For the last week, I have desperately been trying to get it back. I have tried vinegar and other grandmother's tricks... nothing does. Heeellllpppp! I need a magician. I am a food obssessed frenchy: I cannot live without my cocotte. Please, help me!

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