21 avril 2006


I admit it: I am a food obsessed frenchy! If you get me started on food, I can go on for hours. When I visit a country I am always looking forward to taste the local delicacies. And food shopping is always a must. However, since I first set foot in the Netherlands, I have never stopped complaining about the food (for my defence: dutch food is a common source of complaint for most of the foreigners, tourists, expats or immigrants in this country).... and I think I always will (at least a little). 

I remember, during my first few months, eager to discover the dutch gastronomy, I asked my colleagues in vain for a typical dutch restaurant... I was always advised of an indonesian restaurant instead! Then I discovered the company "cantine": Lunch in holland consists generally of a quick and light meal made of soup, simple sandwiches (boterham) with cheese or ham or sometimes fried snacks (I will surely come back on these very special delicacies called kroketten and frikandellen), and milk (half a liter for the real men!).... Bye bye warm balanced lunches, and my sacro saint after lunch coffee. Suddenly I was regretting the university restaurant I was making so much fuss against back in France! And here I am complaining again...

The intention of this post was actually not to complain about the culinary culture of the Netherlands, on the contrary. I'm over that (or so I thought). In fact, I wanted to start a new category on this blog where I would present you some of my favourite dutch delicacies. And despite my whining in the first lines of this post I have come to love (or at least appreciate) a certain number of dutch specialties that I woul like to share with you dear reader.

For all the dutch who once got offended from my food complaints: from oysters and haring to stamppot, koolrabi, old cheese and stroopwafels, here is my mea culpa!

And before we go further, one more thing. If you happen to taste and enjoy one of these dutch delicacies, don't forget to pronounce the word "lekkkkeeeeer"* as sensually as you can! It will make more than a happy dutchman.

Eet Smakelijk!**

*    Lekker: In english, it would mean something like "delicious"
**  Eet smakelijk! is the dutch for Bon apetit.

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