07 avril 2006

Live from "L'autre pays du fromage"

I am a french girl living in the Netherlands, a country we familiarly call "l'autre pays du fromage" in france (no, we french are not food oriented chauvinists...). My diploma in hand, I have deserted my country more than five years ago now, full of ambitions and dreams of european citizenship... After some time, the rain , the too-pragmatic-and-too-tall dutch guys and the strange food got me thinking if this was really a country for a little girl from the south like me. That was until I found my own pragmatic-and-very-tall(-only-half) dutch guy! And I stayed...
Also, when I tell you I am french, it's only half true as my beloved mother is morrocan, and even though I was born and grew up in France, I love morocco (depending on my mood I will be 100% morroccan, 100% french or half/half).


A sunny day in the harbour of Scheveningen (have fun with the pronunciation)

In fact the whole idea of starting a blog came to me after I got addicted to the many wonders of the foodblog community. I love talking about FOOOOOD! ... and I love cooking and eating too, though I whish I wouldn't be such a "gourmande" from time to time. Some will say that it's the combination of my french and morroccan roots. Or maybe it's in the family (my grandfather was a great professional cook)... Anyway, now you are warned.

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